A tale of two families sharing the same neighbourhood but with different views

    The Sullivans and the Davisons, two families that sum up the way the town is split on the big question of the EU. Both live almost side by side in High Brooms but are in opposite corners

    Craig Sullivan

    Craig Sullivan lives in High Brooms with his wife Helen, their children Cerys, 12, (Tonbridge Grammar School) and Isabella, 10, (St John’s CoE Primary School). With them are their cousins Caitlin, 10, (St Mark’s CoE Primary School) and Bethany, 12, (TWGGS), plus Helen’s parents, Haydn and Elaine Jones.

    “We are all for Remaining,” said Mr Sullivan. “Yes, I definitely want to stay in the EU,” added his eldest daughter, Cerys. “We had a class debate about it at school.”

    Mr Sullivan, a teacher, said: “We took a few girls from our school up to one of the debates in London. It was very interesting. There were a few who were against and a few who were for.”

    Trevor Davison


    Trevor Davison lives in High Brooms and is pictured with his daughter Emma Porter and her youngest son, Ryan, aged two.

    “My heart says leave. My dad’s a little bit on the fence but me personally – I’m out,” said Mr Davison, a former hospital worker.

    His daughter Emma, a mother of three, admitted that although she had been undecided she was now also inclined towards ‘Leave’ – largely because of government cuts to vital services, because her middle son, Josh, 13, has to attend a special needs school.

    “I’m thinking of finances and what money goes where. I have a lot to do with mental health and special needs and all services are being cut, and I am thinking if they get more money then these services wouldn’t be cut,” she said.