Council tax to rise by 5 per cent in Kent but public services saved

    Council Leader Paul Carter

    RESIDENTS learnt this week an extra 4.99 per cent will be added onto their council tax bill as County Hall looks to balance its books.

    This means residents of band C properties will pay an extra £52.30 a year.

    Kent County Council was boosted by a Government motion to allow local authorities to increase the amount they can claim in council tax by 1 per cent.

    The Conservative administration confirmed savings of £53million in its budget, but denied this would see frontline services reduced.

    The recommendations for the 2018/19 Budget will be voted on in a council meeting on February 20.
    Cllr Carter added: “It is never easy to see council tax rise. However, our autumn consultation with the public has shown that the respondents will accept manageable council tax increases if these are used to protect front line services.

    “Whilst the additional 1 per cent will raise £6 million, it by no means compensates for the loss of grants but will go some way to protect frontline services.”