THE Woodlands Medical Practice in East Peckham will close on March 31, forcing more than 1,500 patients to travel to Paddock Wood or further afield in order to see a GP.

The doctors’ surgery had been slated for closure in 2015 following a critical report by the Care Quality Commission.

The premises failed to meet the minimum standards in a number of areas, such as disability access, patient confidentiality and toilet facilities.

Sarah Barker, representing the partners at Woodlands, said: “NHS England have advised us that our East Peckham surgery is not a viable financial proposition as the condition of the building, accessibility and many other standards are not being met.

‘We pledged £100,000 but this is insufficient as the costs required are in excess of £250,000’

“Woodlands has not obtained quotes for the required work as NHS England have told us we are highly unlikely to receive funding.

“Even if we did, they would only fund 66 per cent of the cost.”

She added: “Our main surgery at Paddock Wood is a purpose-built building and therefore has excellent accessibility.”

The village surgery had 1,576 patients -registered, who will now have to travel to see another doctor. The village is served by only one bus per hour.

The Parish Council had considered options to refurbish the site in Old Road, or opening another facility in the new Methodist Church and Community Centre in the centre of the village.

It issued a statement saying it had ‘pledged £100,000 towards a surgery in East Peckham but this is insufficient as the costs required are in excess of £250,000 and neither the CCG or Woodlands Health Centre are able to make a contribution towards those costs’.

Field Pharmacy in the village will continue to accept all prescription requests from patients and deliver and collect them from Woodlands Health Centre on a daily basis.