Firm gets first driverless van up and running

    THE UK’s first driverless grocery delivery van is now in action thanks to a Kent manufacturer’s helping hand.

    Edenbridge firm Convert Ltd supplied the key cable harness to a CargoPod vehicle which has been successfully trialled by delivery giant Ocado on a test run in Greenwich.

    Convert’s Managing Director, Dave Lord, said: “We’re very excited CargoPod has successfully completed its trials.

    This was a great bespoke project to work on. With four doors on each side, each with their own LEDs, door locks, sensors and internal lights, CargoPod was a challenge.

    “It required a complex loom in order to connect all the different components to a power source and control unit.”

    Similar in size to a small milk fl oat, CargoPod is equipped with eight compartments designed to carry small amounts of shopping. Once the CargoPod arrives at a customer’s home, the compartment with their groceries lights up.