Consultants have been commissioned to explore the use of new technology to help ease traffic congestion in Tunbridge Wells and ‘deter private car use’.

The £50,000 that has been allocated for the initial work will come from Altitude, the company that is developing the old cinema site.

It is part of a package being negotiated with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and Kent County Council. Once planning permission is granted Altitude will hand over £500,000 under a Section 106 agreement, as previously reported in the Times.

The £50,000 is part of a ‘sustainable transport contribution’ for the ‘exploration of and implementation of measures to deter private car use and manage public parking’.

A Borough Council spokesperson said: “KCC has commissioned consultants to explore the use of new technology to ease congestion on the radial routes into the town centre, for example intelligent signing to direct drivers to the nearest car park. This work is not yet complete.”

Schools will also benefit from the 106 funding. St Gregory’s will receive around £45,000 for ‘enhancement’ with Broadwater Down Primary collecting £60,000 for an expansion.