Get fired up this summer

    It’s officially National BBQ Week so it’s time to dust off your outdoor grill, sweep up your patio and get ready to dine alfresco. Here are some smokin’ recipes for you to cook and savour in the sizzle of the seasonal sunshine

    Cool Coriander and Ginger Lamb Chops
    Try exotic seasoning on your lamb

    Despite our unpredictable weather we Brits love a barbecue. Whether we griddle, smoke, char or roast, there’s something about firing up a feast in the great outdoors that we just can’t seem to resist.

    According to Brian George, founder of the National BBQ Week campaign, which is now in its 20th year, this particular foodie market has gone from being worth £150million in 1997 to a staggering £1.3billion in 2016, which just goes to prove how popular it has become in the UK.

    “Barbecuing is now an established part of our summer lifestyles,” says Brian. “And whether it’s gastro grilling or just throwing a few bangers on, we all love to get out there and go for the grill!”

    Although many of us still stick to cooking traditional fare like sausages and burgers on our barbecues, there’s plenty more you can do to upgrade your external eating experience.

    Here are a few delicious ideas to try out with friends and family this summer – just add a splash of sunshine…

    Cool Coriander and Ginger Lamb Chops
    Serves: 2

    What you need:
    6 best-end lamb chops (bone in) 50g ginger, grated
    1 ripe papaya, peeled and rough chopped
    30g bunch of fresh coriander, finely chopped
    50ml extra virgin olive oil
    2 or 3 hot green chillies, finely chopped and deseeded
    100ml thick plain yoghurt
    30g unsalted butter

    What you do:
    Mix ginger, papaya, oil and coriander in liquidiser, mix in the chillies and yoghurt.

    Remove fat/meat from top two inches of chop and fl atten out meat, removing any extra fat.

    Coat the chops with marinade and refrigerate in sealed bag for at least four hours.

    Sear on high heat, then grill for around ten minutes on medium heat and then a further five minutes on low. Keep turning to prevent burning and baste with melted butter.

    Season with salt and pepper and leave to rest for a few minutes before serving.

    Heavenly Honey ’n’ Cream Grill-Glazed Nectarines

    Heavenly Honey ’n’ Cream Grill-Glazed Nectarines
    Serves: 4

    What you need:
    Nectarines halved and stoned x 4
    20ml honey – runny
    10ml black treacle
    5g ground cinnamon
    50gl vanilla ice cream
    20g clotted cream

    What you do:
    Mix honey and black treacle and brush over cut surface of nectarines.

    Grill cut-face down on medium grill for five minutes, or until warmed through.

    Serve with scoop of ice cream and smaller scoop of cream on top.

    Brilliant Beef and Guacamole Foodie Fajitas

    Brilliant Beef and Guacamole Foodie Fajitas
    Serves: 2

    What you need:
    500g rump steak sliced thinly
    4 fl our tortillas
    2 medium avocados, skinned, stoned and finely chopped
    2 hot green chillies, deseeded and finely chopped
    Juice of one lime
    2 tsps chopped coriander
    50ml crème fraiche
    30g grated hard cheese, such as pecorino
    2 crushed garlic cloves
    1 tsp crushed chilli flakes
    1 tsp dried oregano
    1 tsp cumin
    1 tsp allspice
    20ml Mexican lager
    10ml olive oil
    Handful of shredded lettuce
    Sea salt and black pepper to taste

    What you do:
    Mix garlic, chilli flakes, cumin, oregano and allspice with beer and oil.

    Add sliced steak and coat all over, cover and refrigerate for at least one hour.

    Mix avocado, coriander, green chillies and lime juice, add salt and pepper to taste and refrigerate.

    Grill marinated steak strips on medium heat, on foil tray – two minutes per side.

    Toast tortillas on low heat until warm through.

    Transfer steak to centre of tortilla add layer of guacamole and crème fraiche , sprinkle cheese and shredded lettuce over and wrap, briefl y return to grill.

    Season with salt and pepper before serving.


    ■ Wash your hands thoroughly before preparing food, after touching raw meat and before serving and eating.

    ■ Always ensure that frozen food is defrosted so that it cooks evenly.

    ■ Keep raw and cooked meats separate and uncooked meat, fish and vegetables away from each other when preparing.

    ■ In hot weather, throw away cooked barbecued food left out for more than an hour.

    ■ Burgers, sausages and chicken should be checked with a meat thermometer or cut open and visually checked.

    ■ To light charcoal, always use proper BBQ lighter fuel. Never use petrol or other highly inflammable liquids.

    ■ If using charcoal ensure they are greying

    in colour and not flame red before you put anything on to cook, otherwise your meat will instantly burn and not cook through.

    ■ If using gas ensure that the grill lights immediately.

    ■ If the grill fails to light at second attempt, turn off gas immediately, leave for a few minutes then turn on and retry.

    ■ Position BBQs on level ground, well away from fences, hedges, trees, any over-hanging foliage or indeed anything that could catch fire!

    ■ Ensure the charcoal is cold and/or the gas has been securely turned off or disconnected after cooking.

    Recipes and pictures courtesy of National BBQ Week.

    For more information on the event, which runs until June 5, visit or tweet using #NatBBQWeek #GetTheGrillOn