Papperdelle & Wild Game Meatball Ragu

    Serves 4

    What you need:

    1kg Venison mince

    400g Minced pork

    20g Chopped thyme

    30g Chopped garlic

    30g Grated Parmesan

    400g Papperdelle pasta

    200g Spicy Tomato ragu

    20g Fresh basil

    Olive oil

    Sea salt

    Milled black pepper


    What you do:

    Place the game mince and pork mince into a bowl.

    Add the thyme, garlic, Parmesan and season well and mix together.

    Make into 16 small meatballs.

    Place into a hot pan and fry in a little rapeseed oil.

    Place into a hot oven for 5 minutes at 220°C.

    Remove from the oven and allow to rest for 5 minutes.

    Heat the ragu sauce.

    Cook the pasta and drain well then fold through a little oil.

    Place into bowls and add the meatballs, spoon over the ragu and sprinkle over a little extra Parmesan and the fresh basil before serving.