Poetry in motion for Tunbridge Wells author

    David Ellis has just won a prestigious industry award for his work. Here the author, who lives in Tunbridge Wells, tells us all about his international prize and publishes a poem from his book of verse

    David Ellis

    Readers’ Favorite is an American competition and it has become the fastest-growing book review and award contest site on the internet, earning the respect of renowned publishers like Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins.

    This year’s Readers’ Favorite International Book Award Competition featured thousands of contestants from over a dozen countries, so I was thrilled to receive a silver medal in the Inspirational Poetry category for my book: Life, Sex & Death.

    The work represents my first full length collection of emotional, contemporary poetry that celebrates time-honoured themes and finds new and interesting ways to present them.

    It is a collection of poetry spanning a variety of themes and styles, with the dominant ones being love and romance, inspiration and philosophical musings.

    I would describe my work as uplifting and sensual, and at times it tries to connect on some basic instinct level with the reader. There are no dirty words or explicit scenes, which makes the work very accessible to a large age group.

    On winning the award I felt it represented a proud moment for Britain, for Kent and especially for Tunbridge Wells.

    I found out about the win after patiently waiting three months for the results.

    I was totally stunned when I found out about my award, and overjoyed that my poetry had won such critical praise. I would like this to be a symbol of inspiration to writers and authors out there to work hard, to believe in themselves, and to not be afraid to submit their writing for recognition.

    Here is a sample poem from the collection:-

    A Double Edged Sword (by David Ellis)

    Pride can be a sword
    That can stab you in the back
    Don’t be the one
    To take the fall
    If confidence is what you lack

    Hate can be a mistake
    A jealous enemy you can forsake
    Consumed by evil
    You derail your goals
    Hampering any progress
    you make

    Be proud of yourself
    Focus on all your achievements
    Look at how far
    That you have come
    The lives touched now
    have purpose

    Face your fears
    Your mind is now crystal clear
    An ocean of serene calm
    Where once was a storm
    Now you’re the pilot and
    the bombardier

    Asking for help
    Is not a weakness
    And neither is
    Helping others

    So wear your proudness
    On your sleeves
    And remember
    To inspire others
    As they have done for you

    A perfect circle
    That makes us all complete
    No need to compete
    No need for anger,
    fear, loathing
    Just love and peace

    You can purchase Life, Sex & Death at Amazon.co.uk on Kindle or in print