Reaching new heights to raise funds for Pepenbury

Reaching new heights to raise funds for Pepenbury

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Pepenbury Wingwalk

Two volunteers from Pepenbury, a local learning disability charity, reached for the sky in their efforts to raise money for a new minibus.

Angela Cartwright, 70, and Frances Clayden, 62, donned Superwoman costumes as they challenged themselves to a wingwalk.

The pair have so far raised £5,000 for the ‘desperately needed’ minibus, putting them well on course to hit their £10,000 target.

While both ladies agreed that it felt like a lifetime before they were back on solid ground at Headcorn airfield, they thoroughly enjoyed the wingwalk on the biplane, flying 500 feet in the air at over 100 miles per hour.

This was not Ms Cartwright’s first experience with dizzying heights as she previously abseiled down both the Spinnaker in Plymouth and the Express Tower in Northampton.

Ms Cartwright, who has been a volunteer at Pepenbury for the last eight years, said the scariest part of the experience was climbing on to the wing of the plane in order to be strapped in.

Pepenbury Wingwalk 2

After the adrenaline rush, Ms Cartwright highlighted her passion for Pepenbury and the importance of purchasing the minibus.

She said: “We are delighted that we are very close to our target now. It’s something they desperately need to get and I’m really happy that we can help them achieve that.”

Pepenbury Fundraising Manager Camilla Slattery praised the pair’s efforts, adding: “These amazing supporters have shown such dedication and bravery to fundraise for us. We can’t thank them enough.

“It is thanks to people like Angela and Frances that we can continue to develop new initiatives here and purchase new equipment. We are so grateful to them and everyone who has sponsored them.

“The minibus will make such a difference to the people we support to enable them to get out and attend activities in the community.”

If anyone would like to sponsor these inspirational ladies and support Pepenbury please post your donations to Friends of Pepenbury, Cornford Lane, Pembury TN2 4QU.