Take advantage of a wood-pellet stove

    Green Square

    With climate change high on the agenda, many homeowners would like to “go green” and reduce their carbon footprint.

    One of the best ways is to move to a heating system based on renewable energy, as heating makes up 45% of the country’s carbon emissions.

    Paul Smith is director of Green Square, based in Tunbridge Wells, which designs and installs renewable heating and hot water systems using a range of technologies, such as heat pumps, solar thermal and solar PV, biomass boilers and wood-pellet stoves.

    He is particularly enthusiastic at the moment about the new range of pellet stoves for space heating.

    He said: “Installing a pellet stove is an ideal entry point. It’s a small step up from a wood burner but they have a surprising number of advantages:

    • They are controllable. To turn on just press a button on the stove, on the remote control or even your phone or computer;
    • They are programmable, ensuring they are roaring away when you come home;
    • You can set the temperature and they will reach and maintain that level of warmth;
    • They will easily provide an evening’s comfort without refilling;
    • They are over 90% efficient, as against a traditional stove’s 70%;
    • The fuel itself, wood pellets, comes in waterproof bags which are clean and easy to load.
    • The moisture content is under 10%, ensuring a hot, clean burn, and with minimal ash, cleaning is a simple hoover out;
    • All pellets are from sustainable sources, ensuring that they are part of a carbon-neutral cycle.

    Paul said: “They look great and provide a modern, carbon-neutral form of heating.”

    Green Square, based in Tunbridge Wells, offers the complete range of renewable technologies across Kent, from initial enquiry to design, installation and after-sales servicing. As a member of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme they can also offer access to RHI payments.

    Paul Smith
    9 London Road, Tunbridge Wells,
    Kent, TN1 1DA.
    01892 522883

    Members of: Consumer Protection Association (CPA) the Renewable Energy Code of Conduct (RECC) and HETAS.