Tesco ‘sorry’ after complaints of lorries parking in Southborough road

    Tesco has apologised after complaints their lorries have being causing a hazard by unloading in St John’s Road.

    The chain has been criticised by Southborough residents with traffic frequently backing up behind HGVs near the Express supermarket.

    Bill LeGrys, owner of LeGrys Estate Agents, has taken photos of lorries unloading and waiting outside the supermarket.

    He said drivers were not permitted to unload on the road under their trading agreement and should instead be made inside of the car park.

    “An old lady was knocked down and killed in the road,” he said. “There is often a build-up in traffic around the bend.

    “Up to three vans can be parked along the pavement at one time. They are aware of the no parking but they are doing it to get deliveries in as quickly as possible.

    “Because of this nobody can see what is coming down the A26.”

    Pictures taken by Mr LeGrys were seen by the Times and sent to Tesco’s management.

    A spokesman for the supermarket giant said: “Parking in this way is clearly unacceptable and we have spoken to our distribution teams to ensure this does not happen again.”