Thousands of public sector jobs lost in Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells

    Public sector employment has fallen by 32 per cent in Tonbridge in less than a decade, reports a concerned trade union.

    Figures released last month by GMB show in 2016 that 5,948 were working in jobs such as police officers and civil servants, 2,851 fewer than in 2009.

    In the south only Waverley and Rushmoor had a higher level of percentage job loss than Tonbridge & Malling borough, which ranked third.

    Tunbridge Wells borough ranked 50 with 7,218, a fall of 541 or 7 per cent.

    Paul Maloney, GMB Regional Secretary for the South, warned that in the South East the Public Sector had shrunk by 72,495, a drop of 10 per cent.

    He said: “It is not possible to reduce public sector employment on this scale without damaging the vital public services we all rely on for a civilised society.

    “Law enforcement and police, armed services, further education, social and children’s services, social care, environment services, parks and libraries, social welfare, transport infrastructure, refuse and street cleaning and all aspects of public administration have all been subjected to often quite savage cuts.”


    The data, sourced from the Office of National Statistics, placed Sevenoaks at tenth on the list with a 22 per cent reduction. The figures relate to the authority borough around each town.

    Mr Maloney added: “It is high time to stop cuts now. GMB does accept that the Public Sector deficit should be eliminated.

    “The proper way to do this is to increase the tax base so as to afford the vital public services we all rely on for a civilised society.

    “Another would be a system of corporate taxes that can’t be avoided by transfer pricing and tax havens.”

    The Cabinet Office, who deal with personnel, have been contacted for a response.