Tunbridge Wells taxi drivers consider strike over racial and religious abuse

    Racial and religious abuse from customers is forcing taxi drivers to consider strike action.

    British Transport Police (BTP) say no arrests have yet been made in their investigation of an Islamaphobic rant outside Tunbridge Wells railway station.

    On December 30, a man was filmed shouting and swearing at an unnamed 31-year-old driver in a row over the price of a fare.

    Another Tunbridge Wells taxi driver, who only wanted to be known as Waheed, said incidents like this are frequent.

    The 31-year-old told the Times he would be the ‘first to strike’ if a motion by Shujaullah Baraki, President of Tunbridge Wells Hackney Drivers Association, is followed through.

    “I have experienced racial abuse myself and have been called all kinds of nasty words,” he said.

    Waheed, who has been a Tunbridge Wells resident for nearly 20 years, said drivers would be prepared to pay their own money towards a security presence.

    Mr Baraki said strike action was a last resort and that he is hoping to meet Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and Kent Police.